Personal Safety Training On College Campuses

Improve the personal safety awareness of members of your campus with these three modules from the Building Community program. This online safety training provides students, faculty and staff with practical tips including security awareness training, identity theft protection techniques, and active shooter training. Taken together, the Personal Safety modules help make your campus a safer place to live life together.

Protecting Your Possessions and Identity

Campus theft can include a variety of violations:

  • theft of personal possessions
  • credit card theft
  • personal identity theft

This module teaches students to safeguard their possessions and helps them understand that identity theft protection requires both knowledge and action. Implementing some simple, safe habits is at the heart of this training in how to protect your identity.

Everyday Safety

Common sense, everyday habits can make the difference between being safe and being a victim. This module covers both safety training and security awareness training to help establish new routines so that participants live safer lives through increased awareness. Providing your community with tips and techniques will help on campus, as well as in other life situations.

Common-Sense Defense

When it comes to safety, being prepared is essential to survival. The common sense techniques taught in this module could be life-saving. For example, Common-Sense Defense covers active shooter training and how to confront a potential assaulter. Armed with the right information, you can reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim. This module will equip students, faculty and staff on how to respond to an active shooter, and provide some personal risk management training.

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