About 360° Stay Safe


Our goal at 360° Stay Safe is to make the world a safer place by developing and delivering affordable products and services that provide life skills for a changing world. We offer comprehensive resources for colleges and universities and we are proud to be part of the solution for promoting safe and healthy campus communities.


Trusted by leading administrators to address personal safety topics and help with crime prevention, our original program Stay Safe at College is used by hundreds of campuses across North America, making it available to over 2.5 million students. The value of a flexible online video program, which we established with Stay Safe at College, will be expanded with our comprehensive and dynamic new offering: Building Community.


Developed in direct partnership with experts in higher education, Building Community is designed specifically for you: the campus leaders who know that your globally-minded, community-involved students need community-building tools to create a safe, cohesive campus life together.


Over the past seven years, we have partnered with various organizations in the higher education community to provide prevention and awareness resources. We are thrilled to take part in these important conversations about creating safe and healthy campus communities. We take pride in bringing expertise to the table, but more than that, we value working together with those in higher education to create solutions for today's college and university students, faculty and staff.